JV project Land   
Properties for sale n JV are as follows

Rates value till 10 days
1)50 acres kalamgaon village@ Rs 60 lkh per acres,kalyan nasik highway touch with 400 ft front, just 4 kms from  Atgoa railway station. Resale land

2)110 acres near jindal boundry touch @1.25 cr per acres,
180 ft highway touch,
Near kashish park builder,
backside  batsha river touch,
2kms from vasind railway station
 tata housing project 3 kms.
40 acres khalsa land n 70 acres navin sharat land.
tata housing selling at Rs 2900 per sqft.
Token given by me n front registration by our name.

3)113 acres @ 85 LAKHS per acres,
400 ft highway front,
opp  vishnudevi  mandir,
40 kms from thane,
red soil n table land,
green zone which can be converted into township bec the area is above 108 acres.
Token given by us

4)1000 acres @5 lkh per acres.
42 kms from shahpur  nasik highway(NH3).
near by Bunglow plot sold at Rs 350 sqft.
Token given

5)200 acres sakadbhau village@ rs 8 lkh per acres.
60 acres resale land n bal farmers land
just 18 kms from  shahpur nasik highway.
Nearby bunglow plots sold @ Rs 300 per sqft

6)Resale 2.75 acres lenad @ Rs 20 per acres
Registration by our name
Just 8 kms from shahpur  nasik highway,
red soil,
navin  sharat land,
nearby bung plots sale @ rs 350.

7)Resale 36 acres sarangpuri @ 16 lks per acres,
Town planning passed by our name
just 12 kms from shahpur nasik highway,
nearby project rivera going on of Disha Direct  n sale @Rs 399 sqft.
n also of Soft corner (Gokul Shristi)
It is 6 km from karam residency where flats are sold at Rs 1900 sqft

8)021 acres siloter @55 lkhs per acres
This is by our name n town planning pass
near by project Sapphire going on n sale at Rs 400 sqft.
Nearby karam residency flats sold @ Rs 1900
 just  6 kms from shahpur nasik highway.
For JV also
15 lkhs per acres deposit(10 lkhs refundable n 5 non refundable)

9)34 acres NA passed by our name @ Rs 100 sqft
Table land on hill top n surrounded by fog in rainy n winter.
nearby project of
Gopi estate @ Rs 300 sqft,
Disha direct @ 299,
ragani @ 250,
Phonnix infra pvt ltd @ rs 250 sqft
Just 8 kms from highway.

10)110 acres apta village at 5 lkh per acres.
40 acres by our name n balance by farmers name
just 30 kms from nasik highway.

11)220 acres khinavali village @ 15 lkh per acres.
62 acres by our name +65 resale
6 kms from murbad highway.
nearby project royal heritage @ Rs 350 sqft.
Jain mandir
Police station,
market nearby
* good news*  Cidco has started survey for this land.U can check in Puninagari newspaper of 12/8/12

12) Resale 125 Acres khardi or can go upto 250 @ 40 lkhs per acres,
Jain mandir coming near by, Highway touch with 100 ft front.
2 kms from khardi railway station.
79 km from thane.
Nearby Our town plots sold @ Rs 550 per sqft
Thappar flats @ Rs 2600 per sqft
Token given by us

13)100 acres khapri  village @ 15 lkhs per acres
Totally surrounded by river,
2.5 kms from (NH222) murbad tokada highway.
near project going www.Carinocasa.com. Sold at 450 sqft
Sachin tendulkar Bunglow taken
Nearby church n school,
Hali pad for Halicopter
School 0.5 km
busstop 0.5 km
Proposed jain mandir by Marasaheb Bhagichandrasurji
Token given by us for 40 acres n balance resale land
Railway station also coming from kalyan to ahmednagar,u can see on google also.after that u will not get this land in 1 cr per acres also.

14)Resale 10 acres at Kalmgaon village for JV
20 lks refundable deposit per acres
Opp Sanghavi builders
2 kms from Kalyan nasik Highway
Just 2 kms from Atgoa station
6 kms from shahpur

15)100 acres at bhatsia village @ 70 lks per acres
3 kms from vasind (e) station
Near by Projects of Neev construction,Gupta builders,gohil builders,varidhawan etc
Token given by us n will soon do registration n give for JV.

16)5.5 acres @3.5 lkh per gunta
0.5 kms from padga highway
Near industrail looms factory
Also near residency builds
Token given by us n soon do registration n give for JV

17)My own land of 5.5 acres Town planning pass by our name @ Rs 150 sqft at sarangpuri.
Between disha direct n Softcorner project
Flats sold at Rs 1900 sqft of karam residency

18)Our Resale land at Khadavali 2 acres@ 3 lkh per gunta
5 mintues from khadavali station
Nearby Building construction,military school,college,market etc.

19)Mal 150 acres @7 lkh per acres
Single family
River touch
8 km from highway(NH222)
Tourist Point declare
Proposed Railway
Thane 85 km.

20)NA. plots @ Rs 150
11 kms from murbad
200 meters from murbad highway
Separate 7/12
Total area under Plot 48596.56 sqmtr
Near by Palm village is selling @Rs 500.

21)Resale 100 acres @ 5 lkh per acres valuke village
14 kms from kasara station
Kalyan nasik highway
Table land
Free zone
Near by bunglow plots going on.
Platinium na plots.

22)Resale 27 acres industrial Na @ 70 lkh per acres
Kalyan nasik highway touch
1.5 kms from Atagoa station
Opp sanghavi builders

23)110 acres to 145 single owner land at Kasara highway touch @ 40 lkhs per acres.
Table land
500 ft front
2 km from kasara station

24)40 acres Resale land @ 8 lkh per acres
10 km from kasara highway
Red soil
Bung plots sold at Rs 250 sqft

25)Resale24 to 50 acres at khinavali @ 15 lkhs per acre
6 kms from murbad highway.
nearby project royal heritage @ Rs 350 sqft.
Jain mandir
Police station,
market nearby
* good news*  Cidco has started survey for this land.U can check in Puninagari newspaper of 12/8/12
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